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Portrait of Erik

Hi there! My name is Erik and I live in Lund, Sweden where I study informatics at the university. I also work as a salesman.

I design for the web as well as both back end and front end development.

I love all the small things in design and can spend hours tweaking a single line of code or improving those three pixels in the corner of an image. Just to make it absolutely perfect.

I wouldn’t say that I like to have many things going at the same time but I like to test out new stuff and work on different projects. I’ve had my own company designing web sites, I’ve created a successful Apple blog, I’ve been a writer of another large iPhone blog, I’ve worked as a bartender, I’ve been headhunted by Apple for their Apple Store, just to mention a couple.

This site doesn’t fill any purpose other than that I like to have created something by my own. Where’s the navigation bar on this site you may ask… I didn’t want one, ok? Please don’t hate me.

The site isn’t actually completely done yet. I’m still missing a lot of stuff that I’d want to have on here but because it works anyway I put it online.

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I like to code stuff. Yeah, just stuff. Not particularly to create something but the way code can be built in a structured way. It appeals to my pedantic side.

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Since 2012 I’m a member of Mensa Sweden. I don’t think it makes any difference in life but either way I should not mention it, because it’s not Jante (google that word).

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I’m an opponent of religion and call myself an antitheist. I’m not against faith, only religion and the way it shapes our society and lives. In my opinion religion is obsolete and prevents rational thinking.


I’ve always loved all things tech and I guess I’m very geeky in some ways. I love to learn new stuff and I try to keep myself up-to-date in the IT world. Instead of knowing everything about a few topics I try to learn much about many things instead. Some things interest me more than other though, and here are some of them.

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I love to code, mostly for the web. I know very much about HTML and CSS and also a lot about PHP. Together with SQL databases I manage my way around web development pretty good. Some other languages I’ve worked with is Java and C#.

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For a long time I have built and managed my own Linux servers both at home and remotely. This includes web servers, file servers, backup solutions, diagnostics and many more. Main focus has always been on high security. With user authentication, permissions and encryption, a secure linux environment is first priority.

A picture of salesmanship

After more than seven years as a salesman I know how to create customer relationships that last and make something that both the seller and buyer can benefit from. High expertise in how to explain and describe in an educational and instructive way.

A picture of leadership

I’ve had the opportunity to several times be in a leadership position, both in the professional world and in smaller groups. I usually have a good idea how things should be done and how to meet goals. But my number one priority is always to make sure everyone enjoys every singel second of work.

If it's boring - don't do it :)


You can contact me through social media, or if you want to go the old fashioned way - send me an email.
Who knows... maybe I'll even answer.

erik (dot) samuelsson (at) gmail (dot) com

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