How to install Nginx and add server blocks

If you’ve been working with web servers for a while you’ve probably heard about Apache. It was pretty much the default solution when setting up a new site on a self hosted server a while back. The classic LAMP stack, an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, were used everywhere. Even though Apache definitely has its place it is pretty exhausting to setup with a lot of configuration and for simpler projects Nginx is a nicer solution in my opinion. That doesn’t mean Nginx is only for simple projects, of course. Both have their pros and cons but in this guide we’ll install and setup Nginx on Ubuntu.

Generate and organize SSH keys on Mac

If you’ve never heard about SSH keys and are still using passwords when logging in to your remote servers you’re in for a treat. Or maybe you already know about SSH keys but aren’t organizing them in a good way. Anyway this post will make you an SSH key pro and you will have full control over all your keys.

What this blog is about

This blog is mainly for documenting my own coding and what I learn through my journey as a web developer. The topics will be a good mix of everything but mostly code related and probably with a focus on front end. What I’ve listed as work and skills under my about page is probably a good guess what will show up here.